Jeff has strong advocacy skills and extensive experience in personal injury, including handling tough cases at trial and hearings. I do not hesitate to refer clients to Jeff.Michael Lesage – Lawyer
My name is Anne Zeng, I am a court certified Mandarin interpreter and teaches at York University Conference Interpreting Master Program. I have been working with Jeff for years as a Mandarin interpreter in his clients’ Examination for Discovery, mediation, and client meetings. I’ve always been impressed by his dedication to his clients – his patience, his professionalism, his intuitive understandings of his clients and their cases. He also displays great understandings of the Chinese culture and knows how to work with people from different cultures. He always strives to achieve the best results for his clients and put his clients’ interest first. A great pleasure to work with, and I high recommend Jeff to anyone who needs a great personal injury lawyer!Anne Zeng – court certified Mandarin interpreter
Jeffery is a kind, descent and loving man to which I’m eternally grateful; I was in a car accident a couple of years prior to seeking out a lawyer. Both myself and my Autistic son have been deeply impacted by this accident and I was ready to receive some help. I suffered a closed brain injury amongst many physical implications that left me unable to pursue my business dreams but more importantly it changed how I could parent my boy. Jeffery fought diligently, aggressively and with great compassion to do the right thing. My case was resolved out of court, within the year and well over 300,000.00 dollars. The impact is ongoing but the future is a little less scarier, for that we are truly grateful. Thank you again Jeffery,Signed a Mom and her boy – past client
Jeff is an outstanding lawyer who truly goes above and beyond for his clients. He treats his clients with the utmost respect and care. We’re not just another number to him. No matter what my concerns have been he will always respond in a prompt manner putting my mind at ease. He was always understanding, patient and empathetic during times when I was very stressed. This is something that you will come to appreciate and respect when going through what can be a difficult time. He thoroughly explained to me the legal process in a way that I could understand. He is competent, knowledgeable, professional and always keeps his clients best interests in mind, as it should be. Customer service is extremely important to me and he always offered reliable assistance. I have a debt of gratitude for him. I will always make referrals to him first over anyone else. I highly recommend Jeff!BB – past client
My mother suffered a horrific car accident two years ago. My family was scared and unsure of what the future would really hold. Fortunately, Mr. Shinehoft provided complete support from all perspectives, so that my family could focus on the most important part: my mother’s recovery. I would like to thank Mr. Shinehoft for his professionalism while helping my family through this very difficult time. Mr. Shinehoft has kept himself available to answer my questions, and constantly kept me informed on the progress of the case. Greatly prepared for the discovery and mediation, the case was led to settlement before trial for a satisfactory amount to my mother. I would highly recommend Mr. Shinehoft for any personal injury case.Sean T.
I have been a colleague of Mr. Shinehoft for a number of years as I practice law in the insurance industry. Jeffrey is sincere, honest and knowledgeable. I have recently entrusted him to handle a mediation and was happy with his work as a mediator. I am confident that any client who retains Mr. Shinehoft will be optimally represented.Eric Nanayakkara
Jeffrey is very kind and patient with his client. My mother broke her wrist in a dog attack in Sep 2015. Jeffrey gave my mother helps in every aspects from collecting proofs to explaining our rights. He gave us professional advices and suggestions when the case goes. And when the case is going to the end, he provided very accurate judgement on the settlement. We are extremely satisfied for his efforts. Appreciate very much, Jeffrey!Ling Guo
As a mediation client of Jeff’s, I imagine that I get a window into how he works with his litigation clients. He grasps the factual matrix and objectives of the parties, and as the mediation unfolds he has a keen intuition. Most importantly, he is a person that builds trust with everyone. That is the critical quality of a mediator who is intent on resolving the case.Michael F
Dear Mr Shinehoft, I am forwarding a testimonial for your website, with many thanks. I so appreciated your generous assistance and I have sent you a token payment in appreciation. Wishing you all the very best. I would strongly recommend Mr Shinehoft to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer. I was in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries to my neck. My insurance company wanted to terminate payment for my physiotherapy after 2 years, even though continued treatment was recommended. I had no idea what to expect from a settlement and I sought the assistance of Mr Shinehoft at that time. He was exceptional in assessing my situation, providing practical advice and helping me to understand my rights. I found him a caring and respectful professional, who shared his knowledge generously. Mr Shinehoft responded quickly to my questions and he enabled me to get a settlement that is more in keeping with my ongoing treatment needs. I am extremely grateful to Mr Shinehoft.Carol H
Thanks again for your work on my case. You made the process much easier for me.
Allison Harvey
I received the settlement cheque and it has been deposited so all is well.

Thanks again for all your help in representing me, pushing for a fair settlement, and being a kind and patient lawyer during this emotionally (and physically) challenging time. I really appreciate it!

I wish you all the best in the future!