Car Accidents

How can Jeffrey Shinehoft help you heal?

When you retain the right lawyer, you can focus on getting better instead of how you will be compensated. Further, because we explain every step in the process you will understand the context in which you will be awarded compensation. This knowledge will provide you ease of mind. Knowledge is power.

Car accidents not only cause damage to the vehicle itself, but to the people inside. The most common ailments from vehicle accidents include burns from the road, sprains and tears, amputated appendages, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, bone fractures and psychological injury. It can be scary, and disheartening to think about, but these things happen. The right lawyer is critical to not losing your quality of life. No matter the extent of your injuries, you don’t have to fight alone. It is important to understand that not all law firms are created equally.

A car accident itself isn’t just traumatic for you, but your family as well. The healing process can be somewhat lengthy, especially if the accident was serious. Your bills will add up. Tied into the additional bills is the issue of lost wages from work. You can find some comfort in both of those situations, however, with Jeffrey on your side.

For instance, when it comes to lost wages; we can help you with anything from filing the right insurance claim, filing a lawsuit for you and/or securing third party loans. These can both cover wages you have already lost, and expected losses, depending on the length of your recovery.

A host of medical professionals may be necessary. These professionals may include orthopedic surgeons, vocational therapists and physiotherapists, among others. Jeffrey will connect you with these professionals whom will not only provide critical evidence for your case, but will provide a roadmap to help you recover from a medical and treatment perspective.

In dealing with bills, and additional compensation, it’s our job to obtain maximum compensation. This can mean anything from negotiations with your insurance company, to a lawsuit against the driver who was at fault. It’s not just you who may be suffering, but your family – they deserve proper compensation, as well.

Don’t be left in the dark if you’ve been through a car accident. We understand the trauma and stress that comes from losing the everyday things we can so easily take for granted. At Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law, you’re not alone, and you don’t need to become just another statistic.