Slip and Falls

Avoiding Slips in Cold Weather

Slip and falls account for hundreds of thousands of injuries across the globe every single year. More often than not, these small falls don’t result in any major injuries. Unfortunately, falls do cause some people devastating injuries. From broken bones and sprains, to lacerations and head injuries, slip and falls can create real problems in people’s lives, and many of them happen during harsh winter months.

Jeffrey has represented hundreds of people who have been hurt in falls.

Preventing Slips

Many slip and falls are preventable, or at the very least, you can take certain precautions to avoid them. Keep these tips in mind to keep yourself safe:

  • Footwear is extremely important in the winter, especially with snow and ice on the ground. You don’t necessarily have to give up fashion for function, but try to choose shoes or boots that have quite a bit of traction on them. Even if you have to wear boots outside, and change your shoes once you get to your destination, it’s better than slipping on the sidewalk in a pair of heels or work shoes.
  • You may not pay much attention to handrails when there’s no snow on the ground, but when steps are covered in ice, railings can be your best friend. Don’t be afraid to hold onto them for balance. If you start slipping, having a good grip on a railing can prevent you from falling.
  • Hands are just about as important as feet! While it can be tempting to keep your hands warm and tucked away inside your coat pockets while you walk, it’s better to keep them out and accessible.
  • Pay attention to every step you take outside. This might seem over-cautious, but you simply cannot walk with the same ‘gusto’ on icy sidewalks or streets that you do any other time of year. Every step needs to be taken with deliberate caution. It’s amazing what just a bit more paying attention can do when it comes to preventing falls.

All of these tips, as you might be able to tell, are fairly common sense suggestions. But, it’s easy to forget about them as we go through our everyday lives. Even with these steps in mind, we understand that not every single fall can be avoided, and some slips do qualify for compensation through a legal claim. It is imperative that you contact a lawyer immediately after falling as certain notice requirements of your intention to sue, if missed, can be a bar to obtaining compensation.

Do what you can to avoid falling, but know your rights if it happens – let Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law make your recovery difference.