Building a purpose-driven firm

By Jeffrey Shinehoft November 5, 2021

When you graduate from law school, they don’t tell you about marketing, or about how to build a brand. As a result, most lawyers just start practicing their craft focusing on what they were trained to do.

I too fell into this category, nose to the grind, focusing on one file and then the next. But after 15 years in practice, I am pleased to introduce to you an articulation of who I am as a lawyer and what the Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law brand means to me and for you as valued co-workers, fellow professionals, and clients.

My firm is a purpose-driven firm dedicated to restoring dignity, rights, and independence to people who have suffered a serious injury.

Our Vision:

Access to justice without revictimization

Our Mission:

To utilize the legal system to provide financial security as soon as possible so clients may live in a proactive, balanced, and supportive manner.

Our Values:

COMPASSION for the people whose lives have been impacted by a serious accident

EQUITY in how we bill.

PERSEVERANCE in the lengths we go to protect our clients’ rights.

COMMITMENT to staying at the forefront of the industry through ongoing training, education, and experience.

TRANSPARENCY through open, honest, and accessible communication.

I hope that you’ll reach out to me and ask me about my vision for the industry and how each of these values manifests themselves each day in our office and in discussions about the law.

They are what ground us as we meet with people who have suffered injuries whether from a car accident, a cycling accident to a slip and fall, or a case of general negligence.

Values are what make the difference between a lawyer who does a job, and a lawyer who does a job with heart and a greater purpose of doing good in this world.