Decency is free. It costs us nothing and is available in unlimited supply. So why are there some people/systems that act indecently? Surely we can be decent without compromising any of our core values. Recently, President Trump at a press conference yelled at a reporter for asking a question. Surely,… Read More


A DIFFERENT VIEW: Ask anyone in the insurance industry to talk about the future of our industry, and you will no doubt be met with a look of concern.  Benefits are reduced, trials are delayed and people are hurting.  So where does this leave us?  By us I don’t just… Read More

Offsets & Collateral Issues: What’s Left?

INTRODUCTION: There is not one rule regarding when a benefit is offset or deducted from long term disability payments. The starting point for any analysis is the particular policy wording. The idea of having Offsets is that they permit the insurer to offer lower premiums while avoiding “double recovery”. Lawyers… Read More

Lawyer’s group wants hard cap on referral fees

This article is a very important read, law society group cracking down on fees from lawyer to lawyer. Click here to read the article… Read More

United Airlines passenger dragged off overbooked flight ‘broke the law,’ says Jeffrey Shinehoft

Learn about the legal aspects of the United Airlines Passenger that was dragged off an overbooked flight. Watch and understand what has happened and what are the passengers right as a person and a customer of United Airlines. The video and see what Jeffrey Shinehoft has to say.    … Read More