The hidden costs of not purchasing optional benefits

I am involved with a case where both husband and wife were unfortunate victims of a car accident. Both suffered serious injury. Fortunately, the clients had purchased optional benefits. The purchasing of optional benefits allows for a number of additional supports, including but not limited to: Increased non-catastrophic… Read More


For many decades, the law in Ontario ensured that an innocent victim be restored to the position they were, as far as money could do, prior to the negligence of another. Unfortunately, car accident victims have suffered through the erosion of our communities enshrined… Read More

A client’s journey

Jeffrey Shinehoft sets the stage for an inspiring story of perseverance and recovery. His client, Jack, was walking in his neighbourhood when a drunk driver suddenly struck him leaving him with life-long catastrophic injuries. It is a case that Jeffrey will remember for his entire career and one he shares… Read More

Serving as a mediator

One of the biggest honours is when colleagues call upon me to act as an independent mediator to help settle a case between two parties. Unlike my litigation files, as a mediator, I do not represent either side. I also do not offer legal advice. My sole… Read More

Accident Benefits in simple terms

The laws of Ontario have a mechanism to ensure every person who is injured or dies in a motor vehicle accident can access financial help. The mechanism is called Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages, and this is provided, by law, in every auto… Read More