Wrongful (and other) dismissal, we get it

Our occupation is often how we define ourselves. Whether or not this is a good thing for society or our self-worth is a separate discussion. Still, there is no doubt that with work comes feelings of pride, contribution, and connection to a… Read More

ATTENDANT CARE – incur at your own risk

Accident Benefits were sold as accessible consumer protection legislation read generously in favour of the injured. However, increasingly we are seeing a limiting of the availability of benefits specifically in the way in which the injured is entitled to incur a benefit. A most recent commentary came via the Divisional… Read More

Help! I’ve just had a bicycle accident

As a personal injury lawyer in Ontario, a province that loves its cyclists, I am often asked what I should do if I get into an accident while cycling? My advice:… Read More

Where Long Haul COVID meets long-term disability

Let us start this blog by looking at two definitions: Long Haul COVID: Long Haul COVID is when people contract the COVID-19 virus, and they experience ongoing health problems four or more weeks after being infected. These symptoms can present differently and… Read More

Litigating during the pandemic

There is an old axiom, what does not kill you makes you stronger. Since finding ourselves litigating during a pandemic, I think the axiom should be changed to: what does not kill you makes you weaker for your next battle with the thing that “does not kill… Read More