Litigating during the pandemic

There is an old axiom, what does not kill you makes you stronger. Since finding ourselves litigating during a pandemic, I think the axiom should be changed to: what does not kill you makes you weaker for your next battle with the thing that “does not kill… Read More

Client story: A call for decency

Decency is free. It costs us nothing and is available in unlimited supply. So can we not infuse more of it into our legal processes? I recently was retained on a file for a car accident victim who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident… Read More

A different view for personal injury

A different view: Ask anyone in the insurance industry to talk about the future of our industry, and you will no doubt be met with a look of concern.  Benefits are reduced, trials are delayed and people are hurting.  So where does this leave us?  By us… Read More

Offsets and collateral issues: what’s left?

A common source of dispute is whether certain benefits received by an injured person receiving long-term disability payments are deducted from their benefit payment. There is no one rule regarding when a benefit is offset or deducted from long-term disability payments. The starting point for any… Read More

Lawyer’s group wants hard cap on referral fees

This article is a very important read, law society group cracking down on fees from lawyer to lawyer. Click here to read the article… Read More