A different view for personal injury

By Jeffrey Shinehoft April 27, 2018

A different view:

Ask anyone in the insurance industry to talk about the future of our industry, and you will no doubt be met with a look of concern.  Benefits are reduced, trials are delayed and people are hurting.  So where does this leave us?  By us I don’t just mean our clients.  I mean lawyers, insurance adjusters, treatment providers Judges, mediators, arbitrators, assessors, jurors etc.  Is our industry is failing?
There is more than enough doom and gloom to report.  But what is often missed is the great work being done by people in our industry.  For example:
•    Clients who work their butts off to get back to work
•    Doctors who provide an opinion to a court that goes “against” the interest of the party who hired them
•    Insurance Adjusters who push hard to reach a “supportive” settlement and look for ways to approve as oppose to deny
•    Treatment providers who take an extra hour of unpaid treatment because they know their client needs it; or
•    Lawyers funding a catastrophic assessment without any assurance that this money will be repaid.

The beauty in our system is unmasked when we all take active steps to achieve just results.
I am not suggesting that we ignore the problems in our system, in fact the problems and issues need to be better understood by the community.  However, instead of always focusing on the negative, perhaps we can focus a little on the good we are doing and be proud of the work.