Fatal Accidents

Losing a family member is always a tragedy.

If you have lost a family member due to a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, nursing home negligence, pharmaceutical negligence, or negligent care we can help.

The term ‘accident’ is used for a reason. Family members may be taken from us as a result of an error, mistake or negligence. But in many of these circumstances we are able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party.

Nothing can take away the pain of loss, but our duty is to ensure justice is served. There are several types of claims that can be made depending on the loss.

Working with your entire family, we can sue the negligent party for things such as loss of income, mental trauma, care costs, and/or loss of companionship.

Every case is different. It is a matter of proving your case, and fighting for the compensation you deserve. Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law has represented many families who have suffered the ultimate loss as a result of a negligent act. Let us help you, today.