Product Liability

When you hear the term ‘product liability,’ a few things might initially come to mind. The truth is, product liability covers a wide range of subjects. The important thing is knowing you are protected, should something ‘ordinary’ in your life cause a problem – especially, injury.

Product liability covers everything from automobile recalls, equipment failures, food recalls, and children’s toys. The fact of the matter is, products are being recalled at higher rates than ever before. Just two years ago, in 2014, automobile recalls hit an all-time high when it came to malfunctioning parts that could cause auto failure. While these recalls are put in place for a reason, to help save lives, sometimes it can be too late. After all, they have to be recalled for a reason.

Even if products haven’t (yet) been recalled, you may have a product liability case if a particular product has injured you, or a family member. For example, many children’s toys are found to be dangerous and potentially harmful years after they are released. Items like makeup, nail polish, and paint also tend to fall under this category.

Jeffrey understands not only the rules and regulations but has the experience to showcase all of the potential ‘wrong doings’ of a product that has caused you bodily harm in some way. Experience and knowledge come into play heavily in these types of cases.

Retain Jeffrey to build your case so you can get back on your feet, and help to warn others about the dangers of a particular product. Not only are you getting what you deserve, but you are doing a social deed by shining a light on a dangerous product.