Wrongful (and other) dismissal, we get it

Our occupation is often how we define ourselves. Whether or not this is a good thing for society or our self-worth is a separate discussion. Still, there is no doubt that with work comes feelings of pride, contribution, and connection to a… Read More

ATTENDANT CARE – incur at your own risk

Accident Benefits were sold as accessible consumer protection legislation read generously in favour of the injured. However, increasingly we are seeing a limiting of the availability of benefits specifically in the way in which the injured is entitled to incur a benefit. A most recent commentary came via the Divisional… Read More

Help! I’ve just had a bicycle accident

As a personal injury lawyer in Ontario, a province that loves its cyclists, I am often asked what I should do if I get into an accident while cycling? My advice:… Read More

Where Long Haul COVID meets long-term disability

Let us start this blog by looking at two definitions: Long Haul COVID: Long Haul COVID is when people contract the COVID-19 virus, and they experience ongoing health problems four or more weeks after being infected. These symptoms can present differently and… Read More

Building a purpose-driven firm

When you graduate from law school, they don’t tell you about marketing, or about how to build a brand. As a result, most lawyers just start practicing their craft focusing on what they were trained to do. Read More