Wrongful (and other) dismissal, we get it

By Jeffrey Shinehoft November 24, 2021

Our occupation is often how we define ourselves. Whether or not this is a good thing for society or our self-worth is a separate discussion. Still, there is no doubt that with work comes feelings of pride, contribution, and connection to a work community that can offer grounding and stability that every one of us craves.

Wrongful dismissal is an area of law that protects employees from being terminated without receiving what they are entitled to under the law, whether this is a reasonable notice period or adequate severance pay.

Wrongful dismissal is different from constructive dismissal or unjust dismissal.

Recent examples in the news about the various cases of firing resulting from people in authority positions not standing up to harassment and other abuse in the workplace may fall under constructive dismissal.

Unjust dismissal is for situations in federally regulated workplaces, where an employee has worked for more than 12-months, and a dismissal does not meet a specific set of criteria.

Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law understands the meaning, and importance, of a good day’s work and what this can do to a person’s psyche, their stress, and their finances when this is taken away from them.

Work is more than a job. It is part of our identity; it provides balance personally, professionally, financially; and adds meaning. It is also often inextricably linked to long-term goals now challenged or cut short.

If you have suffered from wrongful dismissal from work, please reach out for a free consultation today. We get it.