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There are too many news headlines saying something like “highway 7 accident Markham”, “Markham and Steeles accident today” or “Markham breaking news today” about another fatal or near-fatal car crash.

In 2020, Ontario Provincial Police reported less collisions in the province but historic highs in fatalities from crashes. Overall, collisions fell 26 per cent from 2019 but the fatality rate was up 22 per cent. Forty-two motorcyclists were killed, during that period, a huge increase from the 27 deaths the year prior. According to the police, a significant number of deaths can be attributed to careless and dangerous driving.

Catastrophic Injuries

As a personal injury lawyer, Jeffrey Shinehoft leads a purpose-driven firm dedicated to restoring dignity, rights and independence to people who have suffered a serious injury.

Catastrophic injury examples are unexpected, debilitating, and life-changing injuries. The people who suffer these injuries require significant medical and non-medical support from family or external caregivers and service providers. On top of the physical impacts of the injury, catastrophic injuries most often have psychological impacts.

The trauma of a serious injury can be compounded by the refusal of an insurance company to offer fair compensation. We understand this because we have spent years advocating for the rights of people with head injuries, concussions, spinal trauma, paralysis, and amputations in Markham and the Greater Toronto Area.

This advocacy includes legal action against an at-fault party and securing insurance benefits, including:

  • income replacement
  • medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • caregiver benefits
  • housekeeping expenses, and
  • attendant care.

With the right team of professionals on your side, including a Markham car accident lawyer, you are much more likely to obtain the compensation you deserve after a catastrophic injury. It is not always obvious whether a person’s injury will be deemed catastrophic. If you have been severely injured in any type of accident, you need a law firm that will work with your doctors and other experts.

In many cases, it is necessary to retain one or more doctors or health practitioners to prove that your injuries have had a significant impact upon your life and to prove that you are entitled to increased levels of compensation. Depending upon the severity of your injuries, a host of other medical professionals may be necessary. These professionals may include orthopedic surgeons, vocational therapists, and physiotherapists, among others.

Economic loss experts such as actuaries, accountants, economists, and life-care planners may also be necessary to determine the extent of economic loss caused by the injuries and to prove to the insurance company the amount of money that is necessary to allow you to live with dignity.

We believe a catastrophic injury doesn’t have to define you for the rest of your life, but that mindset can only start with getting full compensation. Jeffrey Shinehoft is a catastrophic injury lawyer that can help.

Mediation services

With a reputation of fairness and legal acumen, Jeffrey Shinehoft is often called on by other lawyers and insurance companies as a trusted mediator. He is known for his:

  • extensive experience having mediated hundreds of cases
  • affordable rate
  • ability to understand the needs of all parties, and help reach a satisfactory resolution
  • provision of a professional and safe setting to provide the best opportunity to resolve matters.

If you are looking for mediation services in Markham ON and the broader GTA as an alternatives to court, contact us today.


It is common for people to ask, how much do lawyers take from settlement in Ontario?

At Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law, your first consultation is always free so we can assess together if this is a good match for you as a client, and us as a firm. We will never take your case on if we think there is not a good chance of our helping you reach your objectives of better physical, financial and emotional health.

As a personal injury attorney:

  • we do not charge our clients upfront legal fees
  • we cover the costs of the case, whether to retain experts, conduct additional investigations, or other needs to support the case
  • only if we successfully recover money for you, are we paid
  • no more than 25% of the combined award and costs obtained in the resolution of the case is charged.

You can expect a small firm personal touch with a big firm mentality, backed by the spending power needed to retain the best experts and resources.

As Markham injury lawyers servicing this community as the surrounding GTA our vision is for there to be access to justice without revictimization. Please take the time to review our website, read our values, and let us know if we can help.