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Wrongful dismissal

We understand the meaning, and importance, of a good day’s work and what this can do to a person’s psyche, their stress, and their finances when this is taken away from them.

Work is more than a job. It is part of our identity; it provides balance personally, professionally, financially; and adds meaning. It is also often inextricably linked to long-term goals now challenged or cut short.

A significant amount cases taken on by Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law are about wrongful dismissal or wrongful termination. This can occur when there is no notice before termination, or if the employer thinks there is a cause for the termination, but that cause is untrue.

Wrongful dismissal can also be a change of job description, salary, benefits that are unilaterally enforced by the employer.

Jeffrey Shinehoft is a Personal Injury Lawyer in Newmarket and an employment lawyer with free consultation. He will make sure your termination was proper and if not obtain the compensation you deserve if your employer has not complied with their legal obligations.

If you have suffered from wrongful dismissal from work. We get it. Please, reach out today.

Disability Claims

Who wouldn’t want City of Newmarket jobs or work from home jobs in Newmarket. It’s a great area to both live and work. But for some, working is not a possibility currently, or ever again.

Short and long-term disability can keep you away from your normal wages, on top of having to deal with the everyday pain and struggles of a personal injury. When insurance companies deny claims that should be accepted, they add anxiety, fear, frustration, and insult to these injuries.

If your insurance provider has denied you a long-term disability claim, legal action may be appropriate.

Disability claims can be confusing, especially when it comes to the wording of the policy. That is why we strongly encourage people to retain a lawyer if they’ve been denied based on the policy wording. There may be something within the text that was overlooked and can provide access to the benefits you deserve.

Long-term disability insurance benefits often start after your employer’s short-term disability insurance, sick leave benefits, or EI benefits finish. Long-term disability plans commonly replace between 60 per cent to 70 per cent of a person’s typical income.

Every lawyer and insurance company will explain that each disability plan has its differences in terms of the length and amount of compensation allocated. Compensation will depend on two critical factors. 1) Is the person able to return to the job they had before (own occupation)? 2) Is the person able to return to work doing any job (any occupation)?

Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law has over 15 years fighting wrongfully denied disability claims. Let us help.

Long Haul COVID:

Long Haul COVID is when people contract the COVID-19 virus, and they experience ongoing health problems four or more weeks after being infected. These symptoms can present differently and for different lengths of time.

There are different types of post-COVID effects according to the U.S. Centre for Disease Control:

There can be new or ongoing symptoms. These can include difficulty breathing, fatigue, difficulty concentrating (“brain fog”), cough, chest or stomach pain, headaches, heart palpitations, joint or muscle pain, feeling of pins and needles, diarrhea, sleep problems, fever, light-headedness, rashes, mood changes, changes in smell or taste, changes in menstrual cycles.

People who suffer particularly severely from COVID-19 can have multiorgan (heart, lung, kidney, skin, and brain function) effects or autoimmune conditions (swelling or tissue damage) that last well beyond the illness.

Another type of effect from COVID-19 can come from long rates of hospitalization. Terms like “post-intensive care syndrome” refer to severe weakness, problems with thinking and judgment, and post-traumatic stress resulting from trauma from having been in crisis in hospital. These symptoms can be mild to severe, leading to mental health problems and financial insecurity from extensive work periods.

The term “disability,” unfortunately, does not always mean the same thing to all parties. As a result, lawyers play an essential role in deciphering insurance policies.

As time progresses, the medical profession is learning more about the long-term impacts of COVID-19, whether ongoing symptoms, multiorgan or autoimmune conditions, or impacts of extended hospital stays and emergency interventions. To learn more read our blog, Where Long-Haul COVID meets long-term disability.

If you are unable to return to work for an extended period, long-term disability coverage may be a right to which you are entitled to for ongoing treatment and recovery support.

If you are searching for a Newmarket Long Term Disability Lawyer, or to contact a Long Term Disability Lawyer, Newmarket, you have found Jeffrey Shinehoft Personal Injury Law and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we may be of assistance.