by CC on JS Law Firm

Jeffrey is the best lawyer I've ever known . He is the only person that I could ever trust to help me with my catastrophic injury lawsuit against the insurance company and he won the best settlement I could have hoped for.

by BG on JS Law Firm

Because of the epidemic, I cannot say thank you in person. But i have to say something. I sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me, and help me fight for the maximum amount of compensation in terms of claims. At the beginning, this accident really made my whole life a mess, but fortunately I met you and your team. I know it is not within your responsibility to listen to what I have encountered, but you all have the patience to deal with my worries. Because you are professional, I have never encountered an accident like this, so I believed your professional advice from the beginning, so that I can concentrate on my rehabilitation.

by Michael Lesage – Lawyer on JS Law Firm

Jeff has strong advocacy skills and extensive experience in personal injury, including handling tough cases at trial and hearings. I do not hesitate to refer clients to Jeff.

by Anne Zeng – court certified Mandarin interpreter on JS Law Firm

My name is Anne Zeng, I am a court certified Mandarin interpreter and teaches at York University Conference Interpreting Master Program. I have been working with Jeff for years as a Mandarin interpreter in his clients’ Examination for Discovery, mediation, and client meetings. I’ve always been impressed by his dedication to his clients – his patience, his professionalism, his intuitive understandings of his clients and their cases. He also displays great understandings of the Chinese culture and knows how to work with people from different cultures. He always strives to achieve the best results for his clients and put his clients’ interest first. A great pleasure to work with, and I high recommend Jeff to anyone who needs a great personal injury lawyer!

by Signed a Mom and her boy – past client on JS Law Firm

Jeffery is a kind, descent and loving man to which I’m eternally grateful; I was in a car accident a couple of years prior to seeking out a lawyer. Both myself and my Autistic son have been deeply impacted by this accident and I was ready to receive some help. I suffered a closed brain injury amongst many physical implications that left me unable to pursue my business dreams but more importantly it changed how I could parent my boy. Jeffery fought diligently, aggressively and with great compassion to do the right thing. My case was resolved out of court, within the year and well over 300,000.00 dollars. The impact is ongoing but the future is a little less scarier, for that we are truly grateful. Thank you again Jeffery,

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